Elevator earthquake Sensor
Utilize low cost, high precision steel rolling ball method
Mechanical structure will not be affected by environmental factor, high reliability
Programmable remotely controlled reset sequence
Serial name:


Detection Method

Steel rolling ball method

Detection indication

Horizontal leveling indication

Motion indicator

Color coded display window

Increase speed setting


Steel ball blocking combination setting

vibrating frequency characteristic

1st methods: remotely controlled automatic reset (can also reset manually)

2nd method: manual reset (can also incorporate remotely controlled reset function)


Within 1Hz - 5Hz: preset value (10%+7) gal

Over 5HZ, slight decreased in sensitivity

Trial run testing

Poor installation trial run and post maintenance test run can be carried out easily

Control point

(control connection)

Each 1 c direct current 125V, D.2A

Installation area

Installed on the wall indoor(with level adjustment)

Power voltage

AC-100V 50/60HZ

Elevator earthquake Sensor
The best detector for earthquake during operation

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